Traditional window blinds, curtains and awnings can often obscure a view or make temperature control a nightmare. They make the room significantly darker and also require regular maintenance. 

The most effective solution is by installing window film. We have a variety of films that help with heat control, glare reduction, privacy and UV protection.

You'll often feel the benefits immediately and over time most people see a significant reduction to energy costs. Applying window film to your house has a faster return on investment when compared to solar panel installations - in most cases tinting will pay for itself after only 5 years, compared with 10+ from solar panels.

We can install window film internally or externally - depending on what you need and access requirements. Most residential tinting is applied internally. For external applications, we are fully qualified and trained in high risk work and elevated work platforms ensuring safety and quality are never compromised. We have access to necessary equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts etc and can usually have this on site within a day.


We'll measure. We'll quote. You relax.