Why should I get tint? What are the benefits?

Save on fuel and energy costs - tinting can make single glazed windows in a home perform like double glazed.

Comfort - control the temperature of your car, home or workspace

Protect against UV and interior fading

Improved appearance - looks good and increases privacy

Added security - help deter break-ins or bring old float glass up to standard

Refer to automotive or residential for more information!


Will my tint turn purple, get air bubbles or fade?

NEVER! This is usually the result of poor quality film or installations. Black Star Tinting use only the highest quality films and installation methods - the film manufacturer backs it up with a lifetime warranty in most cases* and Black Star Tinting offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Your peace of mind, guaranteed!

*Some residential and commercial films have different warranty information. Please refer to warranty for more information.


How dark should I go?

The laws for NSW registered vehicles stipulates that a maximum VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of 35% can be applied to windows in line with the driver, and a maximum of 20% behind the driver. This means that at least 35% or 20% of the sun’s natural light must be able to pass through the window after tinting. 

We strongly advise against choosing the darker shades of tint as it will cause problems when driving and parking in poorly lit areas.

Commercially registered vehicles can go to any limit behind the driver - great for privacy in vans, Utes etc with expensive tools being carried.


Will my window film eventually bubble?

The bubbles you see on cars driving around is generally from poor quality films. We use good quality films. Bubbling won’t happen! Please refer to warranty for more information.


How long should I leave my windows up after installation?

Generally 48 hours. This allows the majority of the moisture to dry and the tint to adapt to it’s new environment. There may be a small amount of moisture or slight fogging remaining behind the film after this time - it can sometimes take about 2 weeks in Summer and 4 weeks in Winter to fully dry out. Avoid touching the film during this time!


How do I care for tinted windows?

We prefer the most simple way - and it’s actually the cheapest and most environmentally friendly. Lightly mist (with a spray bottle) some water onto the film and wipe it with a reusable microfibre cloth every 2-4 weeks. If there is anything more than the usual dirt or dust on your windows, consider using a non-ammonia based cleaning agent.

Take care with objects near your tinting as it may scratch - be aware of the seatbelt flicking back when you unclip it!


How much do you charge?

We price by the number of windows on your car, not “large wagon” and “small SUV”. A large wagon can have the same number of windows as a hatchback. We believe in transparent pricing and our automotive prices are fully displayed across our website and social media pages. We often have specials and offers - like us on Facebook to be stay up to date!

For automotive pricing, click here

Residential and commercial pricing is specific to your building and you will require a measure and quote prior to work commencing. Our expert installers will consult with you to find the best solution for your home or commercial premises. Book a free measure and quote here.


What other services do you offer?

Remove existing tint from your vehicle or building

Interior Protection Package - protection against UV, spills and dirt for your carpets, seats, trims and plastics. Keep your car in top condition for longer! Starting from $60, find out more info here


Do you offer gift certificates?

YES! Gift certificates make a fantastic gift idea for just about anyone. Please call 02 9188 7845 or email us and we will be more than happy to help. We offer delivery via email (print at home) or posted free of charge*

*Free postage within Australia. $10 surcharge for Express Post.


What types of vehicles and buildings do you tint?

We can tint pretty much anything.

Automotive - all types of cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats and industrial machinery.

Residential & Commercial - houses & apartments (including frosting for privacy in bathrooms, entry etc), workshops, commercial offices, air traffic control towers

When are you open?

We are usually open Monday- Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday varies and is by appointment only.

Closed Sunday and Public Holidays.


How can I pay?

Black Star Tinting accept cash, card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex), EFT or PayPal. Residential and commercial bookings require a non-refundable 10% deposit, payable on acceptance of quote. Payment of outstanding balance required on completion of work.


Why choose a professional window tint installer?

Anyone can buy a roll of cheap tint online, watch a few videos and call themselves a window tinter. Not us! Black Star Tinting use high quality materials and our installers have been extensively trained to install film in your vehicle, home or office. We pride ourselves on a consultative approach with a real focus on energy and improving the value of your asset. All of our work is backed by extensive manufacturer warranty and our lifetime workmanship guarantee. To us, lifetime means lifetime - we'll still be in business and there when you need us.